NothingButStyle IRC  


About NothingButStyle IRC

NothingButStyle™ IRC "NBS IRC™ "was originally started in 1997 by a close group of friends who were looking for a place to test scripts, bots and to play different types of online games. Since most networks at that time did not allow scripts or bots we needed a place where it was ok to have them and have fun.

In May of 2003 we purchased the NothingButStyle.Net domain name and opened our small network to the public. As time went on and more networks allowed bots and scripts on their servers most of our original members went back to the larger networks, some of us however are still here.

In the early years we let our users pretty much do any thing they wanted. After all our network was designed for that. If you wanted to test scripts and bots that was fine and we still allow and in courage our users to do that. Over the year's our network founder Tigger wrote several scripts and bots for the mIRC IRC Client and one of them "TriviaBot" has always been a side project. Since 2003 NothingButStyle IRC has been the dedicated home of TriviaBot by Tigger and although the network was closed to the public for a few years, in January 2010 we reopened it to the public once again. This time we have no plans to go any where. With the release of TriviaBot9 and our current work on TriviaBot10 our network has been seeing new users and we would like it to grow. If you have a bot or a script and want to come test it, or just enjoy playing trivia or other irc based games then come on in and join our family. :-)