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What IRCD does NothingButStyle IRC run?
What Network Services does NothingButStyle IRC run?
Where can I get a copy of NBSIRCd and NBSserv
What is IRC
How is IRC set up?
What is a channel operator?
What is an irc operator?
What is a Channel?
How do I change my Name?
What is NickServ?
What is ChanServ?
What is MemoServ?
What is HostServ?
What is BotServ?
What is WebServ?
What is UserServ?
What is OperServ?
What is RootServ?
What is RickJames?
What is Liz?
What is TimeServ?

What IRCd does NothingButStyle IRC Run? Back to Top

NBSIRCd Current Version 2.0.0
Our ircd is a custom hybrid version of UnreallIRCd and is heavily modularized and extensively edited.

What Services does NothingButStyle IRC run? Back to Top

NBSserv Current Version 3.0.0
Originally a hybrid version of Anope, how ever very little of Anope's original code still exists in our services. Although we did try to retain the look and feel of Anope.

Where can I get a copy of NBSIRCd and NBSserv? Back to Top

Simply put you can't
Our IRCd and Services are unique to our network. Although they are based on open source code that is available under the General Public Licence our customized code and our modules are not. Therefore if you want to run the same IRCd and Services go with UnreallIRCd and Anope

What is IRC?* Back to Top

IRC stands for "Internet Relay Chat". It was originally written by Jarkko Oikarinen ( in 1988. Since starting in Finland, it has been used in over 60 countries around the world. It was designed as a replacement for the "talk" program but has become much much more than that. IRC is a multi-user chat system, where people convene on "channels" (a virtual place, usually with a topic of conversation) to talk in groups, or privately. IRC is constantly evolving, so the way things to work one week may not be the way they work the next. Read the MOTD (message of the day) every time you use IRC to keep up on any new happenings or server updates.

IRC gained international fame during the 1991 Persian Gulf War, where updates from around the world came across the wire, and most irc users who were online at the time gathered on a single channel to hear these reports. IRC had similar uses during the coup against Boris Yeltsin in September 1993, where IRC users from Moscow were giving live reports about the unstable situation there.

How do i set up IRC? Back to Top

First you need an IRC Client. Then you can use the irc client to connect to any IRC Network you wish to connect to. First step in setting up an irc client is find one that you like. Try our different clients, on  our network we recommend using mIRC, but some people like Pirch or many of the other irc clients out there. We will put a list up of the most popular ones soon. for now check out the ones we've listed.

What is a channel operator? Back to Top

A channel operator is someone with a "@,&, or ~" by their nickname in a /names list, or a "@,&, or ~" by the channel name in /whois output. Channel operators are the boss of their channel. This means they can kick you out of their channel for no reason or ban you from their channel for no reason, How ever most channel operators do not kick or ban users unless they are acting up.

What is an irc operator? Back to Top

An IRC operator is someone who maintains the IRC network. IrcOp's are not "Irc Cops". IRCop's are there to maintain the IRC Network and the Servers, They are not there to police the channels on the network, that is the job of the channel op's and the channel owner. They will not kick someone from your channel, or kill someone just because you want them to. On our network we do not tolerate IRCop abuse

What is a Channel? Back to Top

A Channel is a room that is opened for users to chat in. You can open your own channel or join any existing channel by typing /join #the_channel_you_want_to_join. Make sure you add the "#" symbol before the channel name. Example: /join #Trivia

How do I change my Name? Back to Top

On irc you can change your "Nick" or name by typing /nick newnick. Example: /nick Dan
But what if the nick I want is already taken, or if someone is using my nick? Well if you have registered your nick with NickServ you can get your nick back, however if you did not register your nick there is nothing really you can do about it.

What is NickServ? Back to Top

NickServ is an Irc Service designed for registering and maintaining a users nickname. For more information and a list of commands log on and type /msg NickServ help

What is ChanServ? Back to Top

ChanServ is an Irc Service designed for registering and maintaining channels on the irc network. For more information and a list of commands log on and type /msg ChanServ help

What is MemoServ? Back to Top

MemoServ is an Irc Service that allows you to send and receive "email like" memo's to other users on the network. For more information and a list of commands log on and type /msg MemoServ help

What is HostServ? Back to Top

HostServ is a special Irc Service that allows users to manipulate their host name. You can request any host that you would like via HostServ however, host names cannot violate any part of our Acceptable Use Policy.For more information and a list of commands log on and type /msg HostServ help

What is BotServ? Back to Top

BotServ is an Irc Service that allows you to have a Network Service Bot in your channel. With BotServ you can do things like, have the bot talk in your channel or have the bot run the channel via ! commands. Some commands are !op nick !deop nick !kick !ban. There are many commands BotServ can do. For more information and a list of commands log on and type /msg BotServ help

What is WebServ? Back to Top

WebServ is a Network Service that identifies WebTV, MSN TV, and all Java Based IRC Clients. Our WebServ allows users to adjust how messages are sent. Any Web client that WebServ identifies as such will be set with a special user mode. All messages sent from all sources will be sent in MSG format allowing clients who cannot receive notices to receive them as messages instead. WebServ has no User level access commands.

What is UserServ? Back to Top

UserServ is a proprietary service designed and written by the NothingButStyle IRC coding team. There are no User level access commands for this service. This service allows SRA's special access to portions of our network's services. This Service replaces Anope's SuperAdmin feature as well as other other commands we decided that lower level IRCop's did not need access to.

What is OperServ? Back to Top

OperServ is a Network Service for use by IRC operators only. Any use of this service from anyone not logged in as an IRCop will immediately remove the user from the network, repeated abuse of OperServ will result in a permanent ban from our network, with or with out reason. Anyone banned for OperServ will not have the opportunity to debate their case via our Policy Team. OperServ allows IRCop's special privileges to run the irc network efficiently.

What is RootServ? Back to Top

RootServ is a project our network coding team is currently working on. On completion RootServ will completely replace our OperServ. RootServ is designed to limit by level of IRCop access to OperServ's commands. Thus limiting any irc operator abuse.

What is RickJames? Back to Top

RickJames is a Network Service. RickJames is our network's "Enforcer" any and all services Kills, Akills, Glines, or any other IRCop commands that remove a user from our network must go through RickJames. RickJames prevents unauthorized kills from IRCop's on our network. All kills and Akills must meet certain requirements before being processed, also RickJames logs all IRCop activities to prevent abuse.

What is Liz? Back to Top

Liz is our network channel statistics bot. Liz logs all channel names and topics as well as posts them to our web site so Java users can view our channels before logging onto our network.

What is TimeServ? Back to Top

TimeServ is a Network Service. TimeServ syncs up our network time to prevent net splits and lag.


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