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NothingButStyle IRC #Trivia Upgrade

TriviaBot has been upgraded to Version 10 on Saturday April 3rd 2010 

Some of the new features are

  • New Slots system. Slots and SuperSlots will be more realistic "Vegas Like". The amount of points and credits will also be adjusted as well.
  • New !MegaSlots Game to win even more points. Will be released around the 15th. MegaSlots is now being tested in #Trivia_Beta
  • New Color scheme
  • New Points settings
  • Comming soon Weekly and Monthly scores will be posted on our website.
  • Top Week and Month Players will receive special in game prizes including extra points and credits.
  • The last weekend of every Month will be a SuperSlots weekend. Free Slots to all.

More updates to come so check back often.